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Sunday, 6-Dec-2009 11:13 Email | Share | | Bookmark
Ameera's 6th Birthday

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It's her birthday again.. Am I a bad mother??? heheh I don't do her birthday party every year like other mum's did... but this year I am so generous and after 3 years no party I decided to go ahead with the princess party she ever wanted.. Yes.. I called a fairy princess but not so princess as u can see... hehehe sorry... but she enjoyed it so much.. It was tiring... coz I am pregnant and this time pregnancy was not so good.. I am having this morning, evening and nite sickness and can't really smell anything from the kitchen.. so My beloved husband said.. he will cook this time for the party... yup u read it rite.. he cooked his special Spagheti Bolognese for the party and the only think I made were the cupcakes.. other than that I ordered from my frens....

Happy Birthday Ameera... Mu my Love u so much u are big girl now but u still my baby.... muaaahhhh....

Thursday, 6-Nov-2008 17:25 Email | Share | | Bookmark
Happy Birthday Abang Husayn..

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Terrible Twos Truths

My baby is two, crossing that milestone officially last Sunday. I could easily run out of energy and money hosting childhood birthday parties before the boys run out of childhood years. Therefore, I skipped having a party this year and am saving up for when he will really want one. If there is truth in MTV’s show My Super Sweet 16, I better start saving big. Instead, we celebrated with just a forrball cake bought from M&S. I wasn't feeling very well anyway and have tonnes of work from the office.

Now that the day has passed, I am once again facing the terrible twos. The tantrums, the tirades, the tears, and the temper, it is a year to remember. For me, a toddler is so much more fun than a little infant. A two-year-old laughs, talks, walks, hugs, jumps, plays and, in general, is a little person. It is the year the baby starts to disappear and the child starts to emerge. In between the “terrible” part, it is a wonderful transition on the path to growing up.

Instead of dreading that “terrible” part, I am just getting ready. I am not prepared, because as a parent I am never fully prepared. But, I have been through the twos before. I survived. Every child is different; so I know the twos with Husayn will be different as well. However, some things remain the same and how I wished that I have a bag full of parenting tricks. Below is my list of toddler truths I found and how I plan to survive them.

Toddlers have tantrums at the store. It is just that simple. The good news is that all the stores doesn’t care how loud my child is or how many tears he sheds. As long as I pay for the groceries in my cart, they keep letting me back in the store.

Toddlers can do everything themselves. While this statement may not be true to parents, it is in the mind of a toddler. Therefore, I am ready for one million utterances of “my do it.” When time and circumstances permit, he can try to do it herself. When they don’t, she will learn that sometimes life isn’t fair.

Toddlers despise sleep. They need sleep, but they hate it. They fight naps, bedtime, and everything rest related. That is until you want them to stay awake, then they are down for the count. My solution is sleep with them... haha I loved this part which after that make me feel guilty becoze I have other thing to finish before my hubby get back from work.

Toddlers are hot and cold. One minute life is great, the next minute it is not. Come to think of it they are kind of like me when I have PMS. Just as my husband does with me, with husayn I will wait five minutes (or five days) and the moment should pass.

Toddlers hate hearing the word no, but love using it. How can such a short word be such a giant source of parent-child angst? I have no idea. I also have no solution for this toddler truth. However, I figure that any skills I develop in the no-yes debate now will fully transfer to when my boy and girl are teenagers.

Now I will sign off, I just heard the first scream of a tantrum. It is time to start putting a few of these tricks into practice.

Happy Birthday Husayn.. Mummy will always loves you no matter what.. but be a good boy coz u will be Abang soon...!!!! yup will tell u later...

Thanks to kakak ija for the cake too......

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Adam's Birthday Party + Open House 2008

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Friday, 17-Oct-2008 13:26 Email | Share | | Bookmark
Qystina Besday + Open House 2008

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Saturday, 11-Oct-2008 12:00 Email | Share | | Bookmark
Kildare Trip

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